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TCL 20 Pro 5G - talon1812 - 14-01-2023

My TCL 20 pro updated to Android 12. Some of my main apps were grayed out and would no longer work. So I tried a rollback and flashed 11 back with the files provided on XDA developers. Now, my phone is bricked, thanks to those links. It is stuck on bootloader screen and has no recovery.
I have e-mailed TCL 3 days ago about sending it in for repair, but no answer from them.
I have flashed it with several roms, but none work. Now I have a paperweight. I have the gray and blue one. The blue one says that it's running current version, but never got an update from 11 since I bought it in October.
It's T810S, but I can't find a ROM file anywhere for it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.