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Posted by: sattarhusayn
06-04-2020, 06:02 PM
Forum: DC Unlocker
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HCU-Client V196 Mate 10, Mate 10 pro support + DC Phoenix update

World FIRST added new HUAWEI platform MATE 10 and Mate 10 Pro support.

Huawei MATE 10 FRP, Huawei ID unlock (Other features comming soon)

Huawei MATE 10 Pro FRP, Huawei ID unlock (Other features comming soon)

Huawei Y6 Pro 2017 (FRP, Huawei ID Unlock, Read bootloader code, repair IMEI, SN, MAC, Vendor Country and etc)

Huawei P9 lite mini (FRP, Huawei ID Unlock, Read bootloader code, repair IMEI, SN, MAC, Vendor Country and etc)

Huawei Enjoy 7 (FRP, Huawei ID Unlock, Read bootloader code, repair IMEI, SN, MAC, Vendor Country and etc)

Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite 8.0 (FRP, Huawei ID Unlock, Read bootloader code, repair IMEI, SN, MAC, Vendor Country and etc)

Huawei Maimang 6 (FRP, Huawei ID, Network Unlock, Read bootloader code, repair IMEI, SN, MAC, Vendor Country and etc)

Huawei Nova 2i (FRP, Huawei ID, Network Unlock, Read bootloader code, repair IMEI, SN, MAC, Vendor Country and etc)

Huawei MATE 10 Lite (FRP, Huawei ID, Network Unlock, Read bootloader code, repair IMEI, SN, MAC, Vendor Country and etc)

Huawei G10/G10 Plus (FRP, Huawei ID, Network Unlock, Read bootloader code, repair IMEI, SN, MAC, Vendor Country and etc)

Huawei Honor 9i (FRP, Huawei ID, Network Unlock, Read bootloader code, repair IMEI, SN, MAC, Vendor Country and etc)

DC Phoenix v43
Huawei Diego (Dig-) flashing support added.

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Posted by: sattarhusayn
06-04-2020, 06:00 PM
Forum: DC Unlocker
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HCU-Client - Huawei flasher, Mate 10 Imei repair added


HCU Client v208

IMEI/MEID/SN/Vendor, Country, Model, BT, WIFI Repair added for:

Huawei MATE 10 /MATE 10 PRO

Download HCU-Client here

NOW all HCU-Client timed license users can use DC-Phoenix (from v45) for free !!!
Download DC-Phoenix here

DC-Phoenix V45
New support area with 3K+ firmware, customisations, board software, NV backup files !

Fastboot drivers Mate 10 on Windows 10 usb not recognised fix by DC unlocker :

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Posted by: sattarhusayn
06-04-2020, 05:58 PM
Forum: DC Unlocker
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DC-unlocker presents new tool (currently in beta) for converting phone's region. (for example from NXT-AL10 to NXT-L29 etc.) without root, twrp or bootloader unlock.

✔ Tool Download on DC-unlocker forum topic HERE

Tool is currently free to use.
Only the following phones are supported at the moment, but feel free to request other HiSilicon phones:

Mate 10
Mate 9 Pro
Mate 9
Mate 8
Mate 7

User guide

➤ Before proceeding make sure your computer has HiSuite installed. It will be necessary for drivers. (HiSuite software itself should be closed during whole process).

➤ After launching the tool read the startup message.

[Image: 11.jpg]

➤ Connect phone to PC and Enable manufacture mode on your phone by entering *#*#2846579#*#* in it's dialpad. Make sure to accept connection if phone shows authorization request box on it's screen - without it phone may be not detected on the tool.

➤ On DC Huawei Converter press "Download convert files" and download one of the available files for your phone model.
After file is downloaded select it under "Update file" field, it will take some time for software to read the file.

➤ Now you can start conversion by pressing "Program phone" button.

[Image: 22.jpg]

After conversion completes, phone restarts/resets.

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Posted by: sattarhusayn
06-04-2020, 05:29 PM
Forum: 7ICE Team
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[Image: Mkey-890-L.gif]


Added customized Firmware E177 - Sudan Zain

Added to MiniFlasher : MF190S - BD_VIEHTMF190STLF3V1.0.0B01 VIETEL

Added to MiniFlasher : MF190 - BD_AIRTELMF190UTLF3V1.0.0B02 Inda Airtel

- Now you can more easy rebrand some new ZTE firmwares like T-Mobile to Normal.


V8.0.1 for betatesters only
v8.0.3 for betatesters only




- Alcatel modems Read/Write Dashboard ADDED!



U720, U727, U760, MIFi 2200 - Flashing / Downgrade / Upgrade / Repair half-dead without JTAG Added!



Added Sierra GSM / WCDMA new algo for unlocking modems - All under TEST!

Me tested in U881, U875, C885 only , need test in another modems,
all logs , succes or error - send to my ocq plz.



Added write huawei modem and routers dashboard in flashmode.
- in support exist ine beta Huawei_Dashboard_[Movistar].cbin English+Spain
- Sierra 313U unlocking tested now Smile



Added show addition information about Sierra modems lock status.
-Improved communication and verify simcard inside.
-Fot unlock need used modems w/o simcard inside!



Added MF190S+ BD_BLNUZMF190S+V1.0.0B01 to MiniFlasher unlock
Added X230 / X300 / X310 / X500 / X520 / Y280 / S220 alcatel modems series.
Added new methode for Alcatel modem direct unlock + read Lock Status + provider.
- Plz send me backup crt files after unlck and report unlock or not.



Aded Sierra: modems added: U301, U302, U306, U307, U308, U309, C501, C850, C860, C875, C880, C881, C885, C888, C889, C890 , 312U, 313U, 319U, 320U, 330U.[Beta!]
Added Sierra: in ICERA CPU Totaly World First & ONE! Direct Unlock / IMEI REpai / Write flash / Write Dashboard! [Offer valid Only for big customers!]
Added Novatel: MiFi4510, MiFi4620 SPC Unlock added + WiFi password UNLOCK! World First!



Added 19 Novatels: SimLock Unlock + WiFi password direct UNlock in MiFi4510/4620 Router. WorldFirst!

01. - Novatel U530
02. - Novatel U630
03. - Novatel U730
04. - Novatel U740
05. - Novatel MC870
06. - Novatel MC545
07. - Novatel MC547
08. - Novatel MC679
09. - Novatel MC930D
10. - Novatel MC950D
11. - Novatel MC990D
12. - Novatel MC996D
13. - Novatel MC998D
14. - Novatel X950D
15. - Novatel XU870
16. - Novatel EU870
17. - Novatel EU740
18. - Novatel MiFi2352
19. - Novatel MiFi2372
20. - Novatel MiFi3352
21. - Novatel MiFi4620

Added Huawei Routers new features: E5830/E5832/E5836/E5837

Repair half dead w/o JTAG , Write firmware for Downgrade/Upgrade/Rebrand main module + WiFi. World First!


- HUAWEI ETS1160 and Vodafone B115 WorldFirst DIRECT UNLOCK!

> CDMA HUAWEI Read Flashing UNLOCK CODE! just select Huawei_MDM and press read info.
> Write Dashboard Tested in MiFi2200, MiFi4510, U760, E1550, E173, E5830, E5836, in soon tested more.

Now you can be happy cos we upload in support comertial unbranded dashboard for CDMA!




ZTE MF60 - World First added to support.
ZTE MF61 - World First added to support.
ZTE MF667 - World First added to support.
ZTE 890L - World First added to support.

Features: - Flashing, Repair half dead W/O Jtag, Downgrade, Upgrde, Rebrand - World First!

- Novatel CDMA & 4G

Novatel MiFi4510 - World First added to support.
Novatel MiFi4620 - World First added to support.
Novatel USB551 - World First added to support.

Features: SPC Unlock, Flashing, Downgrade - World FIRST!

- HUAWEI CDMA & 4G modems and Routers

Huawei EC5805 - World First added to support.
Huawei FT2260VW - World First added to support.
Huawei EC306 - World First added to support.
Huawei EC122
Huawei EC1260
Huawei EC156
Huawei EC167
Huawei EC168
Huawei EC169
Huawei EC226
Huawei EC367

Added to MiniFlasher : MF190S - BD_MF190SV1.0.0B02 Vietnam

Added to MiniFlasher : MF190S+ - BD_BLNUZMF190S+V1.0.0B04 Uzbekistan Beeline

Added to MiniFlasher : MF190S+ - BD_MBNEGSECMF190SV1.0.0B01 and BD_ETIEGSECMF190SF3V1.0.0B01 UNDER TEST!!!!
- If not work or modem dead then i need get real hardware in hands cos in this latest two modems have modificated CPU.




More models added to SPC Unlock:

Huawei EC1261
Huawei EC150
Huawei EC176
Huawei EC178
Huawei EC325

Added MIN-Lock unlock for CDMA HUAWEI modems and routers.

Tested EC306-w1st!, EC167, other must work too but need test and test. solution fully FREE and standalone as always.

Also added FLASHING for CDMA modems, no you can repair Half-Dead modem without JTAG or downgrade/upgrade Firmware. w1st!

Note! i need not-customized firmware updaters, if someone have plz send me, i do convert for flasher format and added to support.

For CDMA Huawei modems we open a small bug for flashing not eat log, just select GSM Huawei configuration and write flash to CDMA free.

So about SPC + MIN unlock, all same as previously, CDMA_CPC ->C ustomized -> Huawei -> comport -> press Unlock button.




Huawei Triple RSA Security models E173z1 TOTALY WORLD FIRST RELOCK By Reflash!

- Some firmware uploaded in support.

E173z1 - Etisalat Egypt
E173z1 - Mobinil Egypt
E173z1 - Northern Sudan
E173z1 - AMS Indonesia
E173z1 - MTS Ukraine
E173Z1 - Life Ukraine

Option Icon 431 (GI0431) Unlock
Option Icon XY (GI0335) Unlock (Only for big customers available!) - World First!

ZTE AR910B SPC Unlock / RW NVM / Repair Network - World First!
Haier CE81B SPC Unlock / Flashing / RW NVM / Repair Network / Repair half dead W/O Jtag, Downgrade, Upgrade - World First!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WARNING !! Check laws & Order before use REPAIR ESN !!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

- This develope only for Ofitial service centre use only!!

Sierra CDMA _ All models ESN REPAIR [Tested]
Huawei CDMA _ All Mkey models ESN REPAIR [Tested]

- BETA ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pantech UM175 ESN Repair [Need tested in some FW.]
Pantech UM185 ESN Repair [Need tested in some FW.]
Pantech UMW190 ESN Repair [Need tested in some FW.]
Pantech UML290 ESN Repair [Need tested in some FW.]

Cmotech U300 ESN Repair [Need tested in some FW.]
Cmotech U301 ESN Repair [Need tested in some FW.]
Cmotech U680 ESN Repair [Need tested in some FW.]

Cricket UM100C ESN Repair [Need tested in some FW.]
Cricket A600 ESN Repair [Need tested in some FW.]



Added: Real solutios for 60 models!

Option Icon 461 (GI04361) Unlock

-Added to MiniFlasher : MF180S:

TMIC_KH_MF180SV1.0.0B04 - Cambodia
DJC_UA_MF180SV1.0.0B03 - Kyivstar Ukraine

-Added to MiniFlasher : MF190S :

MTS_UA_MF190SV1.0.0B01 - MTS Ukraine
GCELL_GE_MF190SV1.0.0B02 Gsell - Georgia
VIE_VN_MF190SF3V1.0.0B05 - Vietnam
BD_VIEHTMF190STLF3V1.0.0B01 - Vietnam
BD_MF190SV1.0.0B06 - Sudan
BD_MF190SV1.0.0B07 - Egypt


1. Power ON modem and conect to USB (if windows say any message , ignore them)
2. Press hold reset button in 5 secund
3. Press hold Wifi button next 15 secund and lose
4. Wait aprox 1 minuts for modem implement comports to Windows
5. For SPC Unlock you can select CDMA_SPC, and model MiFi4082,
next comport at Application Interface and pess Unlock button.


1. Hold ON 'UP' button on the router and hold for 2-4 secund smll button "reset"
2. free buttons and connet zte to usb cable.
3. after router must ask instalcomport drivers.


MF20 MF210V MF25 MF25A MF271 MF28D MF28G MF29A MF29S2
MF29T MF30 MF365 MF50 MF51 MF60 MF61 MF62 MF63 MF65
MF667 MF668 MF668A MF669 MF680 MF681 MF682 MF683 MF70
MF700 MF80+ MF80 MF820 MF820D MF820T MF821 MF821D MF821V
MF823 MF825A MF91 MF91A MF91D MF91S MF93 MF93D MF96 MF98+
004Z 007Z K4505-Z AP01Z AC30..

1. connect modem to usb
2. download from support NEWZTE_CommEnabler_v2.0.exe and Run
3. via 5-20 secund modem ask install comport drivers.



Just beta for internal beta-testers.

- Fixed Show Comports numbers over 1000.

Added small utility for Clear Windows from alien drivers of modems. FREE FOR ALL! No Mkey users Also FREE!

Fully Intellectual job, just run soft and press one button.

After software full analyse your windows and clear drivers.

-- Uninstall Drivers STARTING: --
ZTE Driver ReMove... Ok
Huawei Driver ReMove... Ok
Option Driver ReMove... Ok
GT Driver ReMove... Ok
GT PCI Driver ReMove... Ok
GT+ Driver ReMove... Ok
GTE Driver ReMove... Ok
Novatel Driver ReMove... Ok
Alcatel Driver ReMove... Ok
Cmotech Driver ReMove... Ok
Cricket Driver ReMove... Ok
Novatel Driver ReMove... Ok
Longcher Driver ReMove... Ok
Motorola Driver ReMove... Ok
Motorola CDMA Driver ReMove... Ok
Motorola Android Driver ReMove..Ok
Sierra Driver ReMove... Ok
Sierra PCCARD Driver ReMove... Ok
Pantech Driver ReMove... Ok
-> All Done - by one Click !

No one similar and Smart software exist!



- Improved new Alcatel modem communication .

- Added new Alcatel models Y580 Y800 X515/X515M L100 X145 X155 Brazil World First!

- Added LONGCHEER WM72 Aka Alcatel X030 Unlock Smile

- Added Smart-Repair for CDMA modems by one button click, Write 'FULLREBUILD_MODE' files with enabled Rebuild EFS.

- Addded Huawei - HiSilicon flashing and firmware for E3131 E351 E353 models World First!

- Added E1731 AUG 13 201219:28:09AUG 13 201219:28:09 India Airtel to diret Unlock

Added Novatel USB1000 World First GSM Module Unlock!


- Beta version for Beta-testers ONLY!!

- All news from 13 Decamber 2013.

First i want begin this post from words to my dear resellers and distributors.

*********** Do not confuse my kindness with weakness! *******************

() Now Mkey Request Server!
() Main reason server addition for control resellers what sell Mkey dongle with Low price in India region.
- Now All Indian Mkeys work only in INDIA!!!! No more Europe Region.
- Many resellers who sell Mkey more cheap that 200$ in europe or Asian region, get decrement more then 50 logs from his Mkey dongles free account!

=> We are not greedy and give resellers earn more than 50%, but if they can not appreciate it then they will be brutally punished!


- Added : Alcatel MDM Flashing, Repair half dead w/o JTAG , Write firmware for Downgrade/Upgrade/Rebrand main module. World First!
- Added : CDMA Huawei MDM separately Flashing module for Flashing, Repair half dead w/o JTAG , Write firmware for Downgrade/Upgrade/Rebrand main module. World First!
- Added : Icon-Option/GT MDM Flashing, Repair half dead w/o JTAG , Write firmware for Downgrade/Upgrade/Rebrand main module. World First!
- Added : Huawei modems like E3276xx - UART synchronization [fix error 'Device not found'].

# Alcatel modems tested in MSM6246/6290 CPU and MDM62X
- X090S, X220S, X220D, X230D, X230E, X230L, X230M, X230Y, X300D, X300E,
- X300Y, X310D, X310E .. and some old .

If anyone have then contact to me for get free lgs for test.
# Icon-Option/GT Three models GIO431/461 possible 451 and GIO0322(XY) Added now. If need more then send samples.

Need get in hands:
X500D, X500E, X500M, X500Q, X500T, X500U, X500T, X515D,
- X520D, X520E, X520Y, X600D X715D, Y580D, Y580E, Y580J, Y580T, Y580Y, Y800Z and similar new.

More options we publish ater 13 decamber. Good Luck.




DLink DWM 157 - Direct Unlock/Flash/Write ZCD. - World First!

New Huawei E32XX Read NVM / Write NVM Algo improved and ComPort Unblock feature added, need test and report.

ZTE Modems Direct unlocking algo small Optimised, now more fast and best!

And some another words for all dear users of our team: Happy New year 2014 !!!!!!



- Added: Huawei E169 E170 E172 K3520 Flashing/Downgrade/Upgrade/Repair half-dead without JTAG

- Added: Russian language NOVATEL Dashboard for models: U760/Mifi2200 ISO (Private users only!)

- Added: Small utility for CPU testing


- Added new api for correct read info and identify Huawei modems with different CPU types.

- Added Writing Dashboards to new Huawei modems on HiSilicon CPU like E3531, E303H end similar.

- Added new Huawei modems on HiSilicon CPU: MTS423S, E3531, E3533, E303H , E352A- Flashing, Unlocking.

- Added new Huawei modems on Qualcomm CPU: E1820, E352, E367, EC315, UML397, E397Bu-502 - Flashing, Unlocking, Repair.

- Added customized FW for unlock E177 Beeline UZ.

- Added new modifcation for ZTE modems MF825A and similar.

- Added addition (extended) syb-commands for working with new modems MDM9XX CPU

- Added new ZTE EuFi891 CDMa/LTE Router, Unlock, Flash, Repair half dead without Jtag, WiFi password reader.

- Added Repair IMEI on Sierra modems for exclusive users, Under TEST - U301, U302, U306, U307, U308, U309,
C501, C850, C860, C875, C880, C881, C885, C888, C889, C890 , 312U, 313U, 319U, 320U, 330U

Also: uploaded in support many flash-files and nvm for repair new modems and routers.


- Added Alcatel Router ÌÒÑ 411D unlock by Imei

- Added Flashing algo for Huawei E3272, E3276, M100-4 and similar.

- Added Unlock by Imei v2 and v3 under test: Huawei E5151s, E5172, E5251, E5331, E5332, E5372,
E5776 LTE, E5776s, E585u-82, E560, E589, MR100-3, MTC 823S, MTC 823FT.

- Fixed Dashboard write in HiSilicon modems new type.

- Added ZTE Vodafone R203z, R206z : Unlock/ Read Write NVM/ Dashboard - Beta

- Added ZTE Standart: M100-3, MF820, MF821, MF823, MF825, MF827, MF880, MF90, MF91, MTC 830FT


Small update for CDMA:

- Added LG VL600 SPC Unlock(use comport at: LGE CDMA USB Serial Port )
- Added Franklin R526/R526A SPC Unlock (use comport at: Epivalley® Device Status 2 )


First Standalone release in 2014 Year.

- Huawei: Added to Direct Unlock customized Firmware E173 - Mobily

- Removed Credits from CDMA MODEMS FlashinG! Now Fully FREE!!

- Removed Credits from ALCAETL MODEMS FlashinG! Now Fully FREE!!

- Removed Credits from ALCATEL MODEMS Direct UnlockinG ! Now Fully FREE!!

and some mportant things:

- In this time in my native country have big war, city is without electro power .
I can't keep my security -server online. By this reason i make standalone software and give you free what can do.

Some function now blocked, and can be use when i fount any way launch server in side.

Users who need codes for New Huawei modems v3_2013 algo can - BUY ONLINE Direct from me.

About Sierra IMEI Repair- temporarily N.A.
Sierra U305 Unlock - this temporarily N.A.
Option XY - Unlock is : temporarily N.A.



Happy new Year version!

- Huawei: Added to Direct Unlock EC315 Non-Customized FW with Secutity Type 2 (no more private ;-) ) World 1st!

- Huawei: Added KeyGen for Unlock by IMEI Non-Customized FW with Secutity Type 3 ! Now Fully FREE!!

- Improved CDMA Huawei modem communications & Flasher and small bug, now Flashing work Faster at 15%-20% !

- Added Auto-Informer about new Mkey Software version.

- Added utility for Network-Testing ( Net-Tracer), this you can use as BAT-File Commander too.



- Added new support for CDMA Huawei Flashing : EC315 EC306 EC5321 -All Beta!

- Added new support for 3G/LTE Huawei Flashing : E8231 E5330As2 -All Beta!

- Renew Mkey support by new Flashes.

- Minor bug fixed.

! Need Report from users of software working with this new models flashing.
! All who need EC315 unlock in India - i have one private FW what need test. User own have RIFF Jtag + time.


- Added Network Fix for Indian EC315 and EC306 modems after unlock.

Select CDMA_SPC -> Press Customized -> Select Huawei -> Select valid Com-port and press Unlock

- Added more Flash-files for CDMA Huawei modems. EC315 / EC306 / EC156 / EC1561



- Improve ESN Reader when Read Info from modem with enabled 550nv item.

- Added more FW version if EC315 & EC306 to AutoDetect when FixNetwork!

- Ruim ONLY mode, stored after unlock of tis version.

EC306 APR 21 200914:33:34APR 21 200914:33:34

EC306 SEP 8 201111:53:22MAR 12 201112:00:00

EC306 AUG 25 201217:48:38MAR 12 201112:00:00

EC306 MAY 19 201113:31:55MAR 12 201112:00:00

EC315 AUG 1 201309:39:42MAR 12 201112:00:00

EC315 MAY 12 201215:23:06MAR 12 201112:00:00

EC315 OCT 18 201311:56:27MAR 12 201112:00:00

EC315 AUG 14 201211:29:06MAR 12 201112:00:00

EC315 DEC 5 201215:23:00MAR 12 201112:00:00

EC315 SEP 11 201311:32:05MAR 12 201112:00:00

EC315 SEP 26 201215:04:45MAR 12 201112:00:00

EC315 NOV 13 201318:56:38

Plz Test and Reply! soon.


Hi All, i need test ZTE 891 Flashing and ZTE AC3635 SPC unlock.

- Pls test and report me on Forum.



First stable version for testing flashing of AC3633 and AC3635 CDMA modems.

- FW i do upload in another support in near days.

In this time i need find any good FTP, cos my WEB space not enought now for upload all what i can.

- Pls testing Flashing, ESN Repair, Modem Half-Dead Repair and report me on Forum.



- Direct MEID REPAIR For Pantech modems.
- Clear ESN/Meid For Novatel U760/MiFi2200.
- SPC Unlock For ZTE PEEL 3200 - World First!
- Improved SPC Reader for ZTE ACxx-Series.

Happy New Year to All!

B.R. 7ICE Team 2016




- New ZTE AC2746, AC2766, AC3633, AC3635, AC3781, 3200 PEEL - REAL FLASHIG, SPC Unlock,
Upgrade/Downgrade, Repair Half-Dead without JTG - World First!

- New Huawei MDM Flashing 303HW, 401HW, B310S, E303F, E3121S, E3256S,E353AS, E3531i, E3531H, E3372s,
E3372H, E5372S, E5372TS, E5573S, E5577S, E8273H, E8377S, E8278S.



All new Huawei V3 & V4 - Direct UNLOCK & IMEI REPAIR for no customized FW ADDED!
For customied FW use Write Normal compatible FW and next do Unlock or imei repair.

- New Huawei MDM Flashing E5330, E5330S, E5330BWs, E5375, E5377s, E5377BWs, E5377TS, E5383, E5573S,
E5577S, E5578S, E5878S, e8238BWs, E8278, E8372H, E8377.

- New ZTE AC2746, AC2766, AC3633, AC3635, AC3781, 3200 PEEL - REBUILD EFS ADDED! Now u can erace EFS
for write new NVM, ESN and more ...

- Huawei CDMA MOdems Repair MEID Added.



Just Internal test for betatters.


Hope you are long time waiting this update, and now you got it free Smile


* Beta FW available on support for next models: E171s, E173s, E303s, E352As, E352s-1, E352s-2, E352s-6,

* B310s-927, 401HW, E3272,E3276s, E3372s, E3372H, E5372TS-22, E5372TS-601, E5375, E5377Bs, E5377s-32,

* E5377Ts-32, E5383, E5573s, E5573Bs-320, E5573s-606, E5573s-607, E5577s-321, E5577s-932, E5878s-32,

* E8278s-602, E8372H-153, E8372H-510, E8377s-153. I repeat again all under test, because not all FW are tested.

Possible added more models & subversions , but need help from ppls who have Huawei worldwide access to support.

Also: ZTE AC81B SPC Unlock, Franklin U602 SPC Unlock; - World First!

- More for Huawei: World First!

* For Unlock some new Security we need make 3 step, now we can try save ur time by automation do all.

* Added DUAL Flashing with one click Downgrade, Unlock, Upgrade ! All Under Test, need users report.

Files what have two FW in to single file mark as "DUAL".

Manuals and data-sheets uploaded on this support and Flash files exist on addition support.



It is a very HOT update by summer !

ZTE on WiseFone CPU: - World First!
[ Direct Unlock for normal FW]
[ Clear unlock code counter ]

01. - ZTE MF920W
02. - ZTE MF920W+

ZTE on Marvell CPU: - World First!
[ Direct Unlock for normal FW ]
[ Clear unlock code counter ]

01. - ZTE MF832M
02. - ZTE 832FT (MTS832 RUSIA)
03. - ZTE 833F (MTS833 RUSSIA)
04. - ZTE MF90M
Note! ZTE Marvell CPU available for private unlock only! Price - ask by PM.

Huawei: more functions added:
- B315 Flashing, Firmware debranding, Upgrade, direct Unlocking, Clear unlock counter and IMEI Repair! World-first!
- E5172 Flashing, Firmware debranding, Upgrade, direct Unlocking, Clear unlock counter and IMEI Repair! World-first!



Cdma SPC Unlock for: Franklin FR-U210 and Unimax MXE-610 - World First!

New Huawei R216 added to direct Unlock/Imei/Flash - World First!
- More flash files uploading to support for B310s, B315s, E5172, E5172BS, E5573s-156, E5573sc-323 and more DUAL files upload.

New ZTE 2016 on WiseFone CPU MF920/MF920W/MF920W+
- Calc code from IMEI (All Carrier supported)
- Flashing
- Downgrade
- Rebrand
- Unlock customized FW like Pakistan Zong - World First!

Notify: WiseFone CPU Flashing have reserved for future.
If you have this modems you can get free accout for testing.
Just send me mkey s/n.



Hello All my Dear Users !

We have world first added TRIPLE FW Structure for new Huawei modems Flashing.

Now you can see next explanation in filename:

BL - BotLoader
FW - FirmWare
CD - WebDashboard

DUAL - Two Firmware Inside one file.

TRIPLE - Two Firmware and Dashboard inside one file .

EOL - End Of LIfe , mean All done for complett Unlock, Flash, Change Web & Dashboard!


This FW Able to use in E5573-cs609, E5573-cs322, E5573-cs931 and possile more.

Also one more small gift. New huawei Qcom CPU Flashng Added: 301HW/E5380 , EC-xx and similar.

WiseFone Hight Secured ZTE MF910 BOLT! Indonesia - Private Unlock Added!

Hapy New Year !



MTS835, MF920T, MF920T2 - Direct Unlock/Flash/Repair IMEI - World first!

MMX444l and similar 4G - Direct Unlock with clear All Locks - World First!

- More flash files uploading to support for E5785Hl, E5770D, E5777, E3372h, E3372s B310
- Added FULL DEAD REPAIR models via BootPoint E3531i/E3531s/E3533/K4203i/K4202 HiLink. - World First!

Chinese Coctail models added now [Nezha Mifi]
- Beeline L02H - Direct Unlock with clear all Locks! - World First!

Mkey v8.3.8 Build 01.OCT.2017 [Released].exe

Added more new function for new ZTE models Flashing.
- Now supported MF823/MD823D/MF825/MF825A/MF825C/MF831/MF90 and similar...
- Improved ZTE modems unlock speed
- Improved Flasher main algo

New service for MTK CPU modems << UNDER TEST >> Unlocking available now:
MF70M, MF710M, MF730M, MF65M, MF83M, K4203z, K4607z, R207z - The cost from 0.5usd for Mkey Users!

More new Huawei modems FW uploading in support. (E5573/E5787/E3373 etc..)

Sierra NETGEAR 760S Unlock Added
Option GTM382 Unlock Added (use Icon 4XX mode for Unlock)

And some addition news for Indian dear users.

This is not secret about mkey dongle in your country cost 50$, and in other 200$.
I'am not planing banned all Indian dongles beause reseller sell cheap, but ..
Now you need internet for first time running Mkey software, after you can use standalone.
In soon possible added external GPG module for identify your region.


Brutally World First - The Friday 13 Release!

- Added FULL DEAD NEW ZTE ROUTERS & MODEMS can be REPAIR by One Click via Boot-Point !

- Added IMEI Repair & Full-Rebuild EFS with Clear all lock/network/calldate/security/etc!

- Added more new and exclusive features for ZTE Modems&Routers models!


Note: ZTE new features is for Private use only !

HUAWEI - K4203 to E3531 Debranding FW added for Private use Only!

VODAFONE - R216 to MF910 Debranding FW added!

Need price ? - ask me only if have some quantity in hands.
The not for 1-10 pcs, in soon we open Happy Hour option for all our new hot features can try all users free!

B.R. 7ICE Team 2017



- Added some missing from new zte line models: MF79V, ZM8620, MF253, MF271, Z700A [Qcom CPU], - Unlock/Flash/Repair dead no Jtag..

- Improved Com-Port from Local on Mkey software, now you can select ZTE or Huawei_MDM or CDMA_SPC and click 'R' button for getCom4romLocal


In soon we added more hot options and inform you well.

B.R. 7ICE team 2017

Mkey v8.4.1_Build_01.JAN.2018[Released].exe

Alcael Spreadtrum CPU: Added Unlock by IMEI KeyGen X602D/MTS232D/X232D - [Limit Counter 50]
ZTE WiseFone CPU: Added KeyGen by IMEI for MF910W/MF920/MF920W/MF920W+/MTS835F - [Limit Counter 50]
ZTE Qualcomm CPU: Added MF65 Full support Flash/Unlock/Repair
Huawei: E5172 - Fixed BootMode repair and added E5573cs-609 Secured version unlock FW: 21.323.01.01.274 Telenor PK

Happy new Year dear users !



- Improve CDMA Novatel and new Qualcomm ZTE for more stable flashing.
- Added ZTE MF93D, MF920A, for Flashing / Unlocking / Repair
- Added Huawei E5330, E5577 STS, and E5573s-320 21.321.01.306 Zong FW with BL.
- Implementing Flashing/Unlocking for new ZTE MF286, MF287 Under Test!

Request users who have in hads for play & test MF279 , MF286T and MF920V MDM9650, MDM9607 CPU


- Added new ZTE Qualcomm CPU MF920A1 type - Flashing / Repair dead without Jtag.
- Improved Autorun on new ZTE routers after unlocking.
- Added new Huawei Qualcomm CPU: EC5377 , B593s-22 Flashing/Unlocking/Repair
- Added Huawei VDF R206 debrand to E5220 firmware.

Note :B593 at the time we added as private solution only!
- after flashing B593 make hard reset and use admin/admin login-pas for web, bootpoint pla same as E5172 on pcb.

- Added patched FW for unlock (is not our team patched FW, added for test only)
E5573cs-322_21.328.62.00.1456_FW_UNL.cbin 54.44MB
E8372H-153_21.328.62.00.1456_FW_UNL.cbin 46.25MB
E8372H-608_21.328.62.02.1460_FW_UNL.cbin 46.25MB
EC5377_11.432.11.00.45_FW_UNL_Beta.cbin 78.99MB



Just Beta for testing Unlcking - Pantech. (Need test GSM Unlock/ SPC Unlock/ Imei Repair on 190/290/291/295 models)
- Fixed MF667 flashing in 9008 port mode.
- Added huawei flashing algo for E5785Lh and similar new.
- Improved Read NVM from latet ZTE like MF920V/MF833V

All this function added just for tet.


- Added new ZTE Qcom Flashing/Unlocking/Ime repair/ and Repair dead w/o Jtag: MF920V, R218z, MF253V and similar models in M9x07 CPU

> Now you can unlok and repair Indian F920V Airtel via 3 step.
1.Run mkey - ZTE -> Customized, load fw for unlock, press flashing.
Wait when modem go to DL mode and copy all files from backup DIR to RAR or ZIP.
2. Open modem, connect Boot-point , and continue flashing in 9008 pot Emrgency mode.
3. When mkey start writing FW, you need extract files from rar/zip - back to backup folder.
After complited writing FW parts mkey software take files from backup folder and writing back to modem.

= Same way you can use for repair fully dead modems without jtag.
= And not foget make backup files, or take from support.

Note! Unlocking MF825SEC, MF90SEC and mf920SSEC - Airtel is 1:1 same.
All working very well via writing normal FW in to modem via Boot-Point.
And ofcourse restore backup files what you need extract on the Backup folder in time of being programming FW.



- Added CDMA models Haier E28(SPC, Flashing), Lava MF802s(SPC, Flashing, Unlocking MIN), Lava DF802i(SPC, Flashing).
For writing FW, use Haier Swith tool with 'swith to Modem - mode'.
Flash files for new CDMA can get from Area51 support.

- Updating Area51 support with some new ZTE and Huawei FW.

Some news for Indian Mkey dongles. Now support closed,
because we already many years make free support for dongles with price less 100$.
If you like Mkey software and planing to use next, we wil recomended Upgrade to Worldwide, the cost 99USD.
After decamber 2018 price for reactivaton Indian Dongles to Worldwide cost 150 USD.

Happy helloween ;-)

- Added Franklin U250, U300, U301, U600, U602 : 2D-NAND models World First Flashing and repair Half-Dead w/o JTAG
- Added Novatel 4082 Flashing 256MB NAND - BETA
- Added new ZTE Z291DL, MF920V5A, MF920VS Unlock/Flash/Repair dead w/o JTAG
- Added new ZTE MF920T1 Flashing
- Added Samsung LC11 - Repair dead modem w/o JTAG
- Added Hight Secured ZTE MF70 Airtelfor Unlock [Private!]

Unblock NV Read/Wite option for Qualcomm CPU models, please dont play if you dont know what you do it.

For Indian user happy hour/day/month/ still not finished Smile But, need use Internet, and software will be limited.

- If you want use Mkey without Internet and with unblocked features, we give you 1 month for update to global 149.99$


Small and pretty update for ZTE WiseFone, added:

- Added ZTE MF927U / MF920T / : Flashing / Repair CallDate / and Direct Unlock ! World First

Solution tested well on MF927U Airtel and MTN - Nigeria.

- Added MF835FT / MF836F : Flashing / Repair CallDate / Direct Unlock Under test! World First



World First added Huawei Fixed Wireless Terminal

- Models: Huawei F688 and F656 Direct Unlocking!

- New Alcatel EE40 and EE70 Unlock by IMEI!

- Improved designe by added small messages for correct and easy selected valid modes.

more will aded in soon...

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